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Get help choosing the best solution for your business

If you’re at the start of your journey in assessing how cloud solutions or Dynamics 365 can help you drive further growth in your business, Datacom can help. Do you need support in working out your priorities or creating your business case and ROI for your internal stakeholders to get on board?

Datacom can kick start your journey by facilitating workshops with your team to develop your roadmap. Choose one of our low cost entry points without any commitment. Whatever stage you’re at, we offer packages to get you started, along with core implementations and ongoing optimisation and support. Indicative pricing is for services only and excludes travel and software licenses.

Datacom has proven success in delivering Dynamics 365 for small and complex businesses, large corporates and government agencies, with a strong community of specialists in NZ, Australia and Asia to guide you all the way.



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Choose the package to suit your needs (+ expand for more details)

#thinksmash Create your Roadmap, Align your Stakeholders 

This inception program will challenge your business priorities and create a tangible plan ‘to do’! We’ll help you realign your initiatives and stakeholders to create your roadmap for the future.




Typically there is a desire to better understand and improve your customer experience or internal processes. By enabling a common understanding of the overall vision, pain points and opportunities that exist within the current customer experience or internal processes we challenge your business priorities, align your stakeholders and create a tangible roadmap plan ‘to do’ for the future. 

#thinksmash is part of our design thinking process. A #thinksmash is a 1 or 2 day workshop with pre and post work, which consists of a cross functional group from across your organisation and Datacom staff.

It is designed to do a deep dive into one area of the business, one customer journey, one business process or one pain point. This day is co-creation focussed involving customer experience mapping exercises, defining personas, empathy mapping, journey mapping, leading to the development of a prioritised product & program roadmap.

Prior to this workshop pre-work is done to ensure understanding of an organisation, personas, technical architecture and cross functional recruitment team are done, so the workshop is as impactful as possible.

Then based on the prioritisation of activities we look to take the first few activities and move them into our Rapid Start, or Business Value Exploration processes.

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1-2 weeks $15k

Rapid Start Dynamics 365

Let us help you kick start your cloud customer relationship management (CRM) journey, focus initially on either customer engagement / service or sales.




We can help you focus on what you need to achieve with this acceleration package with option (a) improve either your customer experience and service levels or (b) your sales processes. We'll discuss your team's goals and challenges, to arrive at the best solution for you.

We have put together a 3 week programme, where we engage via minimal workshops to personalise our standard solution for your organisation based on the option selected.

The Rapid start delivers you a foundation customer engagement system based on Dynamics 365.

3 weeks $20k

Business Value Exploration

What we see time and time again is customers struggling to get their CRM or ERP initiatives past the inception phase. 9/10 times it is because they have not succeeded in articulating the true benefits, costs and expected return to their executive or board, and the project doesn’t meet the bar to "get over the line". We know what CEO's, CFO's and boards want from the business case, so we can make sure they are comprehensive and complete to get your project started.




Need to clarify your high level requirements & scope and then create a financially viable business case which quantifies the business value of your proposed software solutions? 

We pull together your high level requirements and scope. You then get a full 'board ready' ROI business case which includes financial benefits (scaled, ramped and phased as agreed during the workshop); full solution costs (including internal costs); graphical representation and quantification of key ROI measures (Payback, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return plus simple cash only ROI); and discounted cash flow calculation.

up to 2-4 weeks $20-40k

ERP or CRM Upgrade Assessment

Running an older version of CRM or ERP? Not sure its delivering the value you need?




If your ERP or CRM system is not giving you the value you need to move quickly and adapt, we will run an assessment process to help you understand what’s working and what’s not as well as helping you understand what the latest version could bring to your business. The scope includes either assessing your CRM solution OR your ERP solution.

Looking at an upgrade within your business we’ll show you the latest capability and how it will enhance the way you engage your customers or manage your internal processes.

From a technical perspective we’ll let you know what the impact and costs would be to move to the latest version in the cloud, helping you make a fully informed decision. We will look at your modules, configuration, data, reporting, integrations, customisations/modifications. Very complex solutions may required additional time and cost.

The output includes a report, options and time and cost estimates

1-2 weeks $10-15k

Business Process Health Check

This is a business process health check, designed to show you ways that your business processes can be optimised for better performance.




We will review your overall business processes, including finance or supply chain, and benchmark these against best practice according to the APQC.org business processes or other processes. We will then present you with results to optimise your current processes. 1-2 weeks $10-15k

Existing Dynamics 365 Health Check

How do you know if your existing Dynamics 365 implementation is evolving in alignment with your business? Have you maximised your return on investment?




You may have customised yourself into a corner and need help. We follow a 4 step process, Discover, Analysis, Outcomes & Monitor.

This starts with discussing your current challenges and business goals, analyse your existing system and then workshop with your team to discuss the findings. We will then provide recommendations for improvements, assist in creating governance and best practice policies, as well as upskilling your in-house team to conduct a regular review.

2 weeks $10-15k

Ready to find out how Dynamics 365 and Datacom can transform your business? Get in touch now.